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How Much Does a Luxury African Safari Cost?

A journey on the African safari can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which is why a luxury tour is a perfect opportunity to explore the African bush. However, this type of safari comes at a high cost. We're going to explain how much a luxury African safari costs and what influences the fees.

How Much Does a Luxury African Safari Cost?

The cost of a luxurious African safari may depend on the services, although low season rates can be around $9,000 to $20,000, whereas peak seasons can range from $23,000 to $45,000. The overall cost depends on certain aspects, including the season, accommodation, and the quality of activities.

Woman taking a photo of an elephant with her phone while riding a safari tour car

There are several factors that influence the cost of a luxury Africa safari. African safaris are not just a luxurious holiday; they're an experience that you'll never forget. In order to enjoy your African adventure, knowing how much a luxury safari will cost you before setting off is important.

What Influences the Cost of Luxury Safaris?

African safari prices vary depending on the quality of the services offered. There are a number of factors that contribute to the overall safari cost.

Safari Destination

The safari location and region primarily influence how much you'll pay for the safari trip. Different destinations and what Safari activities you want to do during your stay play a role in the cost.

There are generally more affordable safari areas and national parks in East Africa than in South Africa. This is mainly because South Africa houses several hot spots for tourist exploration. Additionally, South Africa offers better access to land and air travel.


The length of your safari trip also affects the overall price of a luxury safari in Africa. Generally, the longer you stay in Africa, the bigger you must pay for park fees, food, and lodging.

However, a safari company may offer packages that can make a two-week stay affordable. This is why our luxury trip only has an upfront fee of $15,000 for a 10-day stay in the African bush.


The season is a major factor when traveling, driving up the safari cost. This is why a low-season safari trip can start at $9,000. Meanwhile, a peak-season tour may hit as high as $45,000.

The low season may give you cheaper prices, while peak seasons can cause some fees to increase. The peak season covers the most desirable months for traveling to Africa.

This is why it's crucial that you know the best time to travel to Africa so that you can take advantage of the right seasons for wildlife viewing. Here's a typical price range for the peak and low seasons of some African destinations.

  • South Africa (9 nights): Peak season can start at $23,000, while the low season may cost $9,000.

  • Botswana (9 nights): Peak travel time can start at $32,000, while the low season may cost $17,000.

  • Rwanda (7 nights): Peak season can start at $45,000, while the low season may cost $35,000.

  • Kenya & Tanzania (10 nights): Peak travel time can start at $25,000, while the low season may cost $20,000.

Giraffe on an African safari landscape

Safari Activity

More and more people are now looking for unique and exotic bespoke experiences when traveling. Luxury safari prices can have a high cost because of the quality of activities. Some tours can offer you a cheaper package, although you may end up paying more by adding optional activities.

When it comes to luxury trips, these usually come with an all-inclusive itinerary that will complete your safari experience. An upfront payment also typically covers the conservancy and park fees.

For instance, gorilla trekking in Rwanda can cost around $1,500 if you avail of this activity outside a tour package. Meanwhile, a four-night stay in Cape Town lets you enjoy various activities, including wine tasting, swimming with African penguins, and visiting World Heritage Sites.

Safari Staff and Guide

The safari staff, guide, and driver play significant roles in providing the best safari experience. A budget safari may have a low staff-to-guest ratio, which may compromise the services.

In comparison, luxury safaris often have a high staff-to-guest ratio, ensuring enough people to cater to your needs. Particularly for luxury lodging, there are people for housekeeping, security, and kitchen needs.

We also have expert guides and drivers on the team to guarantee your safety during walking safaris and game drives. Aside from spending time observing the wild, you'll come home with valuable information and local stories.


Whether in Eastern or Southern Africa, the cost of a luxury African safari also depends on the accommodation. You can have an affordable African safari tour while still being comfortable.

  • Permanent tented camp: A luxury safari can offer a permanent tented camp in a national park as accommodation. This type of accommodation is very common in East Africa.

  • Seasonal safari camp: While this can be less luxurious than permanent tents, a seasonal camp provides superb game viewing in Southern Africa.

  • Mobile safari camp: This is a good option for those looking for a budget safari.

  • Safari lodge: These fixed structures provide the most comfortable accommodation for a luxurious safari.


Africa has among the highest international transport costs and excessive transit times. There's a lot of logistical planning behind safari tours. From obtaining raw materials to running a camp and transporting people, the time and resources spent doing these can make luxury safaris cost more.

Elephants walking in line on a paved road while a safari vehicle is parked with a driver inside

You're basically paying for the hassle-free trip to ensure every activity and necessary thing materializes wherever and when you need them.

Particularly for food and drinks, luxury safaris ensure the kitchen and pantry are well-stocked to energize you for the whole day. In this way, we can provide special dinners and cater to the dietary restrictions of some visitors.

Do Exclusivity and Privacy Contribute to the African Safari Cost?

The more private and exclusive your Africa safari is, the more expensive the overall rate the safari tours will become.

A budget safari may take you to the most crowded parts of national parks. On the other hand, luxury packages can provide a more intimate safari experience in the best places, such as Okavango Delta or Sabi Sands.

Our safari company limits each group to 11 people, ensuring you'll have a comfortable stay and more control over your time. In contrast, budget tours may pack dozens of people in a tent or safari vehicle.

Does the Safari Vehicle Contribute to African Safari Prices?

Yes, the type of safari vehicle significantly drives up the cost of African safaris. Some travelers prefer self-drive safaris thinking that this will help them save. However, self-driving can be challenging when you're in the remote parts of a national park.

Our luxury safari tour provides an open-game viewing vehicle for the best game drive experience. This specialized vehicle ensures everyone will get a comfortable window seat so you can have a close-up perspective on the scenery, especially when witnessing the Great Migration in Masai Mara.

Related Questions

Why is a Luxury Safari a Worthy Investment?

A luxurious African safari is a worthy investment because you'll gain irreplaceable experiences and life-long learning. While you may need to pay more, you'll receive top-tier services making every cent worth it.

What is the Cost of a Basic African Safari?

The average price of a basic African safari tour may range from $125 to $200 per day. A low-cost five-day stay in the African continent means you only need around $625 to $1,400. However, this fee still doesn't include flights, land transfers, food, insurance, and park fees for other activities.

What Are the Costs Usually Not Included in a Safari Package?

Round-trip flight tickets, tourist visas, vaccinations and medical certificates, travel insurance, and tips for safari staff are often not included in safari packages. Optional services such as laundry and babysitting may also incur additional costs.


A luxurious African safari trip may cost around $9,000 to $45,000. With careful planning and budgeting, you can find an affordable African safari that fits your needs and budget. Find Your Africa balances pricing and value to provide custom safari trips with top accommodation choices for your dream safari.

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